A Year in Pictures – Art Muse LILY takes Life in her Stride

Lily, star of many drawings by artist Jane Lee McCracken reveals a year in her life as an art muse, what she will be eating for dinner this Christmas and her special Christmas wish.


IMG_0089January – “I love snow! I like to run at it with my mouth open like a snow plough so I can eat as much of it as I can in one go.”

IMG_4595February – “This is one of my favourite drawings where I got a big starring role as the white wolf. I liked modelling this cool i-pad cover too!”

20130906_215602 (1)March –  “Early rehearsals began for this year’s nativity! (I put my ears back when I’m happy so could wear Mary’s headscarf with ease)”

IMG_0474April –  “I have to do a lot of sitting around during modelling shoots.  I just go to sleep and boom wake up for the camera”

IMG_8913May –  “In my recreational time I love to lie in the garden amongst the flowers and sleep.  I often dream about rabbits and barking at other dogs”

IMG_1098June –  “I love to go to the pub, particularly the beer garden of the Olde Ship in Seahouses, Northumberland”

IMG_1231July –  “This year I was centre stage in an exhibition at The Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate, England and went down to trip the light fantastic and meet the people of Harrogate who were very nice”

IMG_7296August-  “Summer brings clover and I love to lie in it and pretend to catch bees!”

IMG_1264September-  “This is the year that I learnt to open the back door and let myself in and then I wanted to let myself out again as the football was on!”

IMG_4665October –  “Cuddling my playmate is a very important part of my daily routine and now the mornings are dark I find it increasingly difficult to get out of bed for walks, I’d rather just have hugs”

IMG_4413November –  “Atka’s my pin-up boy, I’d love to meet him one day!”

LILY CALENDAR DECEMBERDecember –  “My friend Joe Bason made me this Christmas bow-tie, isn’ it gorgeous?! I love wearing it when I go to the shops with my owner, it goes with my Red Dingo collar! (Thank you also to my friend Juliet of KimonoKraft Love you Long Time http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/KimonoKraft for being the inspiration behind my calendar!)

So Lily what will you be eating for Christmas this year? –

“I just can’t resist it, I’ll be having a bowl of my favourite food, Chappie and then a whole Dentastick after my owners have eaten their Christmas dinner.  But probably when they’re not looking my Granny and Auntie Karen will sneak me roast potatoes and maybe some Haribo Starmix as I love them!”

Have you got any special Christmas wishes? – “My owners bought me from a breeder who didn’t tell them that Northern Inuits can never be left on their own, plus they didn’t do enough research about my breed before they bought me.  I’m lucky, they love me very much, but it’s hard work making sure that I’m cared for 24 hours a day.  I get very distressed if I’m left on my own.  If you can’t give proper care to specialist breeds like me give a rescue dog who’s not a Diva a loving home instead.”


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6 thoughts on “A Year in Pictures – Art Muse LILY takes Life in her Stride

      • She is, that! Well, I don’t know, really, but I am, to be sure. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and your comment. It’s clear we have our favorite people on stage – our lovely dogs.

  1. I have really enjoyed all of your pictures of your beautiful Lilly. She is amazing!! Thank you for sharing her with everyone.

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