Less than 3200 Wild Tigers Remain

'Shh, it's a Tiger', gold inscription on china plate back, 2014

‘Shh, it’s a Tiger’, gold inscription on china plate back, 2014

Since writing and drawing this inscription on the back of ‘Shh it’s a Tiger!’ china plate for ‘Thrive’, Save Wild Tigers exhibition on 14th May 2014, there are now estimated to be fewer than 3200.  Less than 4 months ago wild tiger numbers were estimated at 3500.

'Shh, it's a Tiger!', luxury fine English china plate by Jane Lee McCracken

‘Shh, it’s a Tiger!’, plate front symbolising the plight of Siberian Tiger one of 6 tiger subspecies.

For further information please visit www.savewildtigers.org


2 thoughts on “Less than 3200 Wild Tigers Remain

  1. Such a shame, to lose 300 tigers in so short a time. It sometimes seems that little can be done, but we can only hope that your good work, and that of others, will save enough of these wonderful wild animals for future generations to appreciate.
    Best wishes as always, Pete. x

    • Many thanks Pete, it’s hard to comprehend. Keep hope on your side and everything is possible. Changing tradition is hard but personally we must keep trying through amazing organisations and people who work so hard to do as you say. Best wishes and thank you for your continuing support, Jane x

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