‘Angel Girl’ Prints Released

'Angel Girl' 2015 black Biro drawing by Jane Lee McCracken

‘Angel Girl’ 2015 black Biro drawing by Jane Lee McCracken

This year’s original Biro drawing for the Wolf Conservation Center ‘Angel Girl’, is a portrait of Alawa one of WCC’s Ambassador Wolves.  It focuses on Alawa’s haunting eyes which speak of the innocence of animals and implore consideration of the wolf’s integral role as a keystone species. There are hints of blades of grass where Alawa is lying to remind us of the wilderness, the domain of wild wolves.

‘Angel Girl’ will be sold by WCC to raise vital funds for wolf conservation.

An A3 limited edition series of 50 signed and numbered archival pigment prints of ‘Angel Girl’ is now available with profits going directly to the Wolf Conservation Center.

To purchase a print please visit my shop

Howls from Alawa and the Wolves of WCC!


Alawa – Photo Credit: WCC




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