‘Drawing for Endangered Species Workshops’, and the beautiful Art of North East School Students

Endangered Species drawings by students of years 5 & 6

Endangered Species colour Biro drawings by students of Years 5 & 6

‘Drawing for Endangered Species’ workshops for an extraordinary school in the Northeast saw primary students of Years 5 & 6, produce the most outstanding drawings of endangered and threatened species!

"Snow Leopard" colour biro drawing, Year 6 student

“Snow Leopard” colour biro drawing, Year 6 student

The talent of children in the North East never ceases to be a source of great pride.  This exceptional school full of bright students and inspirational teachers worked so hard during the workshops, it was inspiring to witness the drawings each child made.  The students prior knowledge of endangered species and the environment was heartening.

Giant Panda by Year 5 Student

“Giant Panda” colour Biro drawing by Year 5 Student

Taken to distant lands including China, to learn about beautiful animals and why they are endangered and the positive things each of us can do to help save them, encouraged a plethora of intelligent questions and comments from all students:

“I enjoyed being able to relax and draw and I have learnt lots of new things!  My imagination has worked wildly and I would love to learn more”.

Golden Snub Nose Monkeys by Year 5 Student

“Golden Snub Nose Monkeys” colour Biro drawing by Year 5 Student

Learning to use colour Biro to make drawings is challenging, but provides a great source for practicing concentration skills.  Encouraging each child to express themselves and enjoy drawing and to celebrate that they possess a drawing style that is unique to them, results in the beauty that is the diversity of their collective work.

"African Elephant", colour Biro drawing, Year 6 Student

“African Elephant”, colour Biro drawing, Year 6 Student

25% of each workshop fee is donated to the wonderful Born Free Foundation.  It’s great to be able to tell students about the amazing work they do and the work of other inspirational organisations such as Save Wild Tigers and the Snow Leopard Trust who all work tirelessly to help save the incredible animals the children have made drawings of.

Tiger drawing by Year 6 Student

“Tiger” colour Biro drawing by Year 6 Student

And here are some of the badges made for each student of their own drawings, after each workshop  – a keepsake to remember the beautiful animals they have drawn.

Endangered Species badges with drawings by Year 5 Students

Endangered Species badges with drawings by Year 5 Students

What more can be said about the children’s artwork than the word of an American friend “Awesome!”  Thank you to all the students and teachers of such an amazing school for a simply wonderful experience.

For further information on workshops check out this post.